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The Crowdfire Saga

- Retold Just For You

The year was 2010. The month, February. On the chilly evening of the 21st, a powerful product was born - a product that changed the way people used Twitter.

Introducing Crowdfire. We created it to give Twitter users a more efficient way of managing their accounts. Built with the initial aim to answer the oft-asked question, “Who unfollowed me on Twitter?”, Crowdfire has now matured into a holistic friend management platform.

By the power bestowed upon you by Crowdfire and so on and so forth, you can manage your Twitter and Instagram accounts far more effectively by:

  • Finding inactive users and your unfollowers - unfollow them if you wish to
  • Finding relevant users to follow using our insightful “Copy Followers” feature (Twitter only)
  • Keeping track of how your social media updates affect your follower/unfollower stats
  • Checking the relationship between any two Twitter/Instagram accounts and doing a whole lot more.

Used by over 10 million Twitter and Instagram users and available on the web, Android and iOS, Crowdfire has come a long way since that chilly evening of 2/21/2010.

Give us a try - you will be glad you did (10 million others are).